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Why carpet will always be a popular choice

When you walk into our carpet store in Sacramento, CA, you'll see hundreds of rugs with a wide assortment of colors, styles, and textures ranging from plush and velvety to patterned. A room can go from an atmosphere of luxury and elegance to casual and contemporary just by changing the rug's style, whether you go for a high pile rug like the shag or frieze, low piles like a Berber, or something in between like the iconic Saxony. Style isn't the only reason you'd want it in your home, although that can be motive enough. Here are some other reasons for its popularity.

Carpet improves indoor air quality

Studies show that anyone can have a carpet installation, even if there are issues with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory challenges. Vacuuming eliminates the surface dirt, but only deep cleaning will remove pollutants and particles trapped in the fibers. Unlike sweeping, which can cause them to circulate in the air and be breathed in, the particles remain confined until scrubbed.

It provides safety

Carpeting has excellent traction and grip. That means that if you are running, jumping, or walking fast, you can slow down where needed instead of slippery surfaces that can cause you to bump into walls or doors. This is especially a benefit if you have active kids or pets, or even in some areas like stairs.
Luxury carpet in Sacramento, CA from Crestview Flooring Inc
Falls do happen, though, and when they do, it's a lot less painful to fall on a soft surface than a hard one. This is helpful when there are children, senior residents, or those with mobility and balance challenges. Helpful hint: Secure your rugs, especially the smaller ones, with rubber grips or pads to keep it in place.

Rugs quiet things down

Have you ever noticed that when a room has no rug, it seems to be noisy? That's because soft surfaces absorb sound, so when there's no rug, vibrations bounce off the wall and create echos. It also acts as a cushion between floors so you won't hear footsteps or muffled conversations. This is great in a nursery or in the bedroom of someone who has sleep disturbances or works evening shifts.

Carpet also adds warmth because it's a superior temperature insulator. Our area can sometimes dip into the 20s in winter, so if the room is already warm, a rug will keep it that way, which even saves energy. To learn more about the benefits, visit the Crestview Flooring Inc showroom in Sacramento, CA, especially if you live in Sacramento, CA, Roseville, CA, Rocklin, CA, Folsom, CA, and Elk Grove, CA. Remember to ask about your free carpet estimate.