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How a flooring installation becomes your home's centerpiece

Many say the installation is as important as the product itself, but did you know that floor preparation is vital? While you can't see the subfloor, imperfections can travel up to the surface floor, affecting appearance, performance, and longevity. Even if the subfloor is concrete, which is considered sturdy, it can crack and crumble under certain conditions.

At Crestview Flooring Inc, we have a large inventory and an in-house team of highly skilled flooring installers who aren't just craftsmen but also creative problem solvers. If you're looking for a flooring company in Sacramento, CA, consider us your one-stop source.

Floor prep: subfloors must be clean, dry, & level

Floor prep means the total removal of the old flooring and its adhesives, nails, or any other object to prepare properly for the new installation. As an example, as most of us know, wood can be damaged by excess water and humidity. It's necessary to take moisture readings on the subfloor during the process; if not, water can hide, and the particleboard can become rotted. This can lead to the surface floor cupping, crowning, gapping, or squeaking.
Flooring Installation in Sacramento, CA area from Crestview Flooring Inc

Why professional installation is so important

It's always tempting to save money, but you can end up spending a lot more in the long term, with costly mistakes, early replacement, and voided warranties. The experienced installer can spot potential problems and head them off before they start, and they know how to handle it if they do become issues. They know what can happen to a surface floor if the subfloor isn't prepared correctly; for example, they know tile flooring can crack if the subfloor isn't level.

Products come with detailed installation instructions specific to their product. When not followed, the warranty can be voided. That means any damages, even those not caused by the homeowner, will no longer be covered.

An in-house installation team is always preferable. Since it has the company name on it, reputation is on the line so that you can be assured of quality work. There's no guessing as to who is responsible for what, and communication is even better. After all, they all knew you from the beginning when you shopped for the product! Homeowners in Sacramento, CA, Roseville, CA, Rocklin, CA, Folsom, CA, and Elk Grove, CA can learn more about and get a free estimate for a quality flooring installation at the Crestview Flooring Inc showroom in Sacramento, CA.